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Sai Mother is a small effort to help women get confidence and courage they most need during the time of pregnancy and Child birth. Read below article for where i have expressed the reasons to create Sai Mother.  
Sai Mother Temple for Child birth , Safe pregnancy and Child Care
saibaba temple

Shirdi Saibaba photo taken especially to create Sai Mother. Sai wearing beautiful white dress my father stitched. I got the crown from a old man who keeps shop infront of a Goddess temple in our hometown.- ( copy right - )

About the Origin of Sai Mother Temple :

"Build a temple in your heart for the Guru who is Antaryami"

Sai ram friend, Let me first clarify that its a temple created in yourself, in your heart , in your conciousness where Sai , our Guru who is Antaryami ( One who lives IN you ) resides. A great Saint like Shirdi Saibaba will be more happy if you create a temple for Sainath in your self . Ofcourse a real temple has its own greatness . My intention is to help every men and women remember that "SAI" lives in themselves and have a pure and simple life style - thoughts , words and action.

Why " Sai Mother " as Temple for child birth and Child Care :

There are numerous Research scholor, Doctor and staff in Hospital around the world helping women have a safe pregnancy and Child Birth. The reason i clearly mentioned about Saint "Shirdi Saibaba" and his simple life is because i don't want anyone to criticize that we are showing a path away from such Medical Care etc. We do honor and appreciate the efforts of medical professionals with a humble "Thank You ". The path of Spirituality and Guru Bhakti is not forced on every one.

Its only for those who have firm belief that Child birth is a Gift of God and one needs blessing of God and Guru for a peaceful life.

Now coming to why i created this website, i realized the pains faced by couples who try to have a child of their own. In the process of having a child, some of them take spiritual and divine path.

Some get chance to visit a Sacred temple where the God and Goddess accept your devotion , rituals and bless yo with a child.

Women does some pooja ( rituals ), Some understand that some past sins ( in previous birth ) might have a curse on them resulting in pains. So they do charity like giving food , cloth and other help to the needy.

I support all the above ways and i request you to continue with your own way of gaining blessings from God and Goddess.

Beyond all these is the Power of Guru. Now a days people are misleading in this also. The modern Gurus show their teeth, lift their hands and bless them. Like the people who manage the temples have become commercial, these modern Gurus are also only doing a show off of their powers .

Sai Mother is located any where. Its the one you create in yourself. Keep chanting "Sai Sai Sai" , aarthi - the song in praise of Saibaba or any mantra of God. Imagine that your thoughts and actions every moment of your life is pure and Good.When you keep yourself so good and offer your lust, pride, ego, jealousy and other negative aspects in the holy feets of Guru surely you will realize the greatness of Guru's blessing on you.

Sai Mother is to help women overcome the fear or anxiety during pregnancy and child care issues. When you believe that you have a greater Guru protecting you and looking at all your dear ones kindly, your confidence gets boosted. You can go to the same doctor and take treatment when ever necessary. What Sai Mother gives you is a Blissful spiritual experience of having a Child .

The Gift of God and The Blessing of Guru can be experienced when you really Believe in Saibaba :

"Though a Guru is very powerful , he expects only wisdom from his disciple , Firm Faith , lots of Courage and Patience at the Feet of the Guru "

This Faith and Patience is all you need to have a peaceful life. I kindly request you to get all medical help you need.Even pray Sainath to show you the right path. At the same time have a spiritual side in your life. Please do not show devotion as a "Give and take policy". Example - Now a days the Mantras of Goddess are recited to bring a specific benefit in a specific time. If it doesn't happen. They start complaining and give up their spiritual efforts. Please do not be like this. Devotion is a Life time effort which will bring you satisfaction internally. At times materialistic benefits of having a great career, wealth , child birth etc might happen or might not but please show devotion on Sai with pure love and acceptance of his love for life time.

Indian Women needs devotion on Guru to bear the demands of family and society :

Women who are from other countries might wonder why such effort to bring women who wanna be mother in spiritual path. Sai Mother welcomes couples from any culture to learn about Shirdi Saibaba and worship him for a child and safe pregnancy. When ever i get time i can personally write to anyone who needs guidance.If you still wonder if its really necessary to have devotion on Guru for such issues, heres the reason.

1.Indian women goes through the NEED to get married. The NEED in society to have children. Times are changing but its basically expectation of family that their son and daughter must have a child of their own.

2. When a problem is realized the women suffers a lot due to expectation. It results in mental depression to misunderstanding among family members.

3. Career oriented women plan having their child at a specific time. Only when you plan , you realize having a child is not that easy . Its truly a blessing from God. I have a friend who aborted a child as she was busy with work .Later she has been trying for over 3 years now to have a child with no positive result. So remember its a blessing.

4.In some indian family if the women is not able to have child shes hurted a lot. Even if the problem is with the husband , the couples togather are facing problems of various kind in family.

Sai Mother came from my heart , My love and respect for mother :

Friend.In the past 5 years from 2004, ever since i created StarSai temple of Humanity , Sai has helped me learn through verious experiences in life. So i started making websites like a Online temple for Health, education and prosperity etc. For other websites there was clear reason behind it .

Sai Mother really came from Sai. I don't have a specific reason to make the site. Ofcourse i was worried that temples have become commercial, secondly people fall prey to false guru and most importantly Indian women with big career goals and modern life style are forgetting the roots of their culture. .. No matter how educated a women is she goes through a phase of anxiety and worries in trying to concieve a child and have a safe pregnancy. This is the right time to bring all our modern fast girls back to path of Devotion.

Even great scriptures has said People will go to God only during problems. When a women starts to be devoted to Guru Saibaba or takes any kind of spiritual path during her pregnancy and child birth, She will have lots of chances to carry on the devotion, her love for God and Guru for years to come. She will also be thankful to God for blessing her with a Child.

To me its a personal Satisfaction. Ofcourse when everything goes well, no one is going to write to me often.This site is to help women who face pain in having a child, loss of a child and other kinds of problem. Saibaba himself at times was not able to save children suffering from fever and meeting with accidents etc. When a devotee who lost his child goes to Saibaba and asked him "Baba , you never speak about it "

Saibaba says "Do not come to me if you are expecting a answer for your lost child. Such things happens due to ones own past karma. The devotee then asks "Baba, then how is it possible that when you bless someone with a job and others really happens. Saibaba replies "You see the village astrologer. He can predict to an extent. I go beyond it and say and it happens. When my words match the events people put me responsible and call it as "miracle" and i inturn say its happening by grace of Aighty God.

So hope you understood the polite saint that India has gifted the world . Saibaba of Shirdi is my Guru and this Sai mother is dedicated in holy feets of SAI.

Please be devoted to Saibaba and Be 100 % positive :

Some women and couple who read this article might worry or upset as i have wrote some incidents were sai was not able to save the child. Well. This site has to serve common purpose of all sai devotees facing both success and failures. I have to share happiness of your child birth and at the same time must console the parents who write worrying about their child loss.

Hence i had to include both information generally. I kindly request each and everyone of you to take only the positive messages here. All are leela of saibaba . Saibaba loves your devotion. Friend. Your devotion has powers even to change your fate. Though SAI utters some words to console a devotee in pain, Sai is all powerful. His greatness can only be heared from milions of people who has personally experienced it. So please take the positive Leelas of Saibaba during his life time which i have included in Sai Mother and ever remember the golden words of Saibaba

" Why Fear when i am here "

Be happy, keep chanting Sai Sai Sai, listen to Shirdi Saibaba's aarti and keep your faith and patience strong enough . Sai will bless you with a child and also protect your family with good health, Peace and prosperity.

A personal message from someone who wish to remain as dust in the holy feet of Shirdi Saibaba :

Hope you understood my intention to create Sai Mother. Its just a very small effort for my own personal satisfaction. I created this website when i was going through lots of depression and worries about my career and Parents. Infact i realized the need for such site even before 2 years when my sister was pregnant and by grace of Shirdi Saibaba and Goddess Garbarakshambigai she was blessed.

I actually wanted to start a pregnancy forum but many are doing that. Now this site actually helps not only women who wants to have child but also all devotees of Shirdi Saibaba. The Leelas of saibaba are numerous. Even today Saint Saibaba is living and working wonders in lives of millions of Sai devotees. I hope your life has something to do with Sai. Today i don't have wealth, not a big qualification and not much to speak about my career. All i have is my Love for Shirdi Saibaba.

When i am 30, being a man i wonder what made me create a Spiritual Site for pregnancy issues. Its not me doing it. Its the Sai in me putting me in circumstances to do it. I am a instrument and he is the working force sitting silently in me and playing his own Leelas.

Sai. You are my heart. You are my Soul.

C.Venkat Raman - August 2 , 2009

You can write to me from the email id at our Shirdi Saibaba website -

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